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Best Boat Games

We know that you love driving games, we do, but have you ever thought about trying something a little different? We don’t have the biggest selection of boat games, but we have a few, and some of them are pretty fun. If you’ve ever been on a boat, then you know the fun that comes with it is completely different than the thrill of driving, so we’ve started putting together a nice collection for you to enjoy.

Take Uphill Rush 6, for example. It’s not really a boat game in the most legitimate form, but it’s all about water sports. Well, to be more specific, it’s about raft racing in an aqua park, but it’s fun nonetheless. In this game, you ride a raft along various rides and and perform tricks along the way in an attempt to get the best time and score possible. Meanwhile, Uphill Rush 5 takes a similar approach except you’re controlling a motorcycle (think Trials HD) along a massive cruise ship. The main purpose of the game is the same, though, in that you must complete the various courses as quickly as possible while scoring the most points possible while doing tricks.

If the Uphill Rush series isn’t your thing, you could check out King of Power. This is a cool boat racing game that allows you to choose from more than 10 different tracks and race against a number of other boats to prove that you’re the fastest on the water. The graphics are pretty good for a browser game, and it’s definitely not a game you want to skip out on, especially if you’re into racing of any kind. You just might want to go out and buy your own race boat and see what it’s like in real life.

What Are Boat Games?

Boat games aren’t nearly as popular as car games, but they are generally the same in essence – they usually involve racing or driving and avoiding obstacles. While there aren’t a lot of AAA boat games for computers or consoles, there are a lot of fun browser games like King of Power that puts you behind the wheel of a speed boat in the first-person perspective. There are also top-down games like Rafting Adventure and games that blend other motorsports like Uphill Rush 5, which has you riding a motorcycle on a boat- how’s that for fun?

Are These Games for Adults or Kids?

Our boat games are suitable for both kids and adults and, in fact, they are a perfect way for parents to bond with their children. All of the boat games we have on are easy for players of all ages to master and will bring hours of fun.

Can I play With My Friends?

Unfortunately, none of our boat games offer online multiplayer gameplay, but you can keep track of your score in each game and compare it with your friends – can you do better than them?

Why Are Some Games Not Working?

All of our boat games are free-to-play, however, they require either Flash or Unity to play on your computer or mobile device. Check to make sure that your browser hasn’t blocked these extensions and give it permission to run them.